GOLDNRD x PARLE NY (Collaboration Over Division) HOODIE

GOLDNRD x PARLE NY (Collaboration Over Division) HOODIE

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This collaborative piece stands for “Coming Together / Collaboration over division.” As this design consist of both of the companies reuniting after going separate ways 3 years ago. ( both the founders of GoldnRd Clothing Co. ) Ajani Jeffries and Josiah Montalvo, created this in hopes that this piece will inspire peace and unification in Rochester, NY.


The company GoldnRd was founded in 2011 by two newly college drop outs, Ajani Jeffries & Josiah Montalvo in Rochester, NY. Our fuel to innovate and grow as creatives was simple, the mutual understanding that the city we both come from was in need of a new light.....5 years in to the GoldnRd story, one of the founders took a major step in deciding to leave the company to start his own brand “Parle NY”, by Joe Parle.

3 years later the companies founders come together again to heal what was once a wound. We were brothers with the same goal. , (Give people a reason to say Rochester, NY was dope ) Though we haven't made millions of $…. and we aren't world class famous like we thought we would be, it's important to see the small differences that we made in our city.
It's been 8 years but it feels like Chapter 1: "Flipping Negatives into Positives.",

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