Our Mission

GoldnRd aims to construct a much needed platform from which Rochester's artists can begin to effectively sustain themselves via their respective crafts. We will serve as an outlet for the foremost creators and innovative thinkers in our city to unify and to acquaint themselves with the lucrative aspects of self-expression.


The Team

Ajani Jeffries   Founder

Ajani Jeffries


I was born Rochester, NY. A magical place. What others saw as “a small city with little to nothing to do” within its walls. I saw it as a blank canvas of opportunity. I am the heart and soul of this company and I am blessed to say that others share the same passion for the evolution of GoldnRd that I do. My gift is to draw forth the gifts within other creatives and inspire them to direct their energy toward Rochester’s Revival.

Zachariah Bellucci-Rivera   Art Director

Zachariah Bellucci-Rivera

Art Director

Living in Rochester all I ever used to hear is about how much living in the city sucked. Going to school here other students would always tear each other down for where in the city they lived; working here all my coworkers talked about was “Getting out of Rochester.”

Everyone was always complaining and never doing. I got sick of it.

At GoldnRd we do things. GoldnRd is an creative machine that is paving new paths of excellence and success in Rochester, and I could not be more proud to be a part of it or this city.